5K's In 5Days

Looking for a new and fun way to get active?

5K’s in 5Days is about commitment.  This virtual run challenge is not about how fast your pace is or how quickly you can complete the 5K, but rather, dedicating time and committing to one specific goal stretched out over the course of 5Days.  You can run or walk whichever you prefer.  All we ask is for your unwavering commitment for 5 straight days.

This is your chance to stand out from the rest.  A chance to improve your current circumstance away from complacency and to take complete advantage of social distancing by running/walking for better mental and physical well-being. 

People Running Back - 5KIn5Days

Take the chance

Sinking back into old habits seems like the natural thing to do with social distancing in high gear.  Get off the couch and challenge yourself!

you have what it takes

Step out of your comfort zone and thrive.  Demonstrate to yourself that you have the mental toughness and determination.


You will be taking part with a tribe of likeminded people who are pursuing similar goals as you bringing everyone up, where together we will ALL rise!

thank yourself later

The new version of yourself is waiting for you to make the decision to act during these tough times.  

“Motivation is temporary, determination is permanent.” david Goggins

It’s time to show what you’re capable of. When the world says no, we say YES!  We invite you to accept this challenge and earn your elite medal that proves to yourself, your family & friends that you accomplished the very first virtual 5K’s In 5Days challenge.

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